"Lo que verdaderamente me importa es acostarme pensando que hemos hecho algo estupendo" Steven Paul Jobs (1955-2011)

viernes, 17 de junio de 2011


Soy un convencido de que la diversión y el humor (me refiero al buen humor) no sólo no son incompatibles con los resultados, antes bien actúan como catalizadores incrementando la productividad.

Revisando entre los papeles y correos de los últimos meses, encuentro el siguiente artículo remitido por un 2bajoparista de los fieles.

Ejemplos de buenas prácticas, en este caso dentro de una multinacional americana de prestigio como lo es Fluor.  

Walk on, walk on, walk on. This is 2bajopar. Buena semana.

Some years ago, managers at Irvine-based Fluor Corp. invited a group of gifted children from a local school to a management training meeting. The children sat with one group of executives, while a second group of Fluor Managers worked independently. At day's end, the mixed group of executives and children had generated far more innovative ideas than the executives-only group.  (Los Angeles Times, 11 January 1999, Careers section, pp 3, 13.)

Experience in companies of all sizes proves it: a fun-filled workplace generates enthusiasm- and that enthusiasm leads to increased productivity, better customer  service, a positive attitude about the company we work in, and higher odds that talent will stay.

In today's uncertain work environment, humor isn't an option, it's a necessary way to boost morale. When employees clown around, they're not wasting time, they are making use of one of the few tools available to increase and maintain their esprit de corps. Laughter may not change the external reality, but it can certainly help people survive 

Myth #1 - Professionalism and fun are incompatible - False.
You can have fun and still maintain a professional work environment. It depends on the kind of fun. Of course, the type "pie-in-the-face" humor will not fit well in a business-suit environment, but there are many other apropiate ways to get some kicks in even the most buttoned-up workplace. I.e, in a very important consulting firm, when someone is late to a meeting, they either have to sing a song or tell a new joke, in good taste- of course, people are on time more often since that rule, but there is a guaranteed chuckle as people slide in the door a minute or two late... 

Myth #2 - It takes toys and money to have fun at work
Just see the "funniest" times some people remember having at work- "Verbal sparring with brainy colleagues" "Day-to-day laughter with funny colleagues" "In the midst of a stressful project, our boss took us to a local park for a voleyball game during lunch."...Most employees agree that day-to-day work environment matters most. It has to be enjoyable. 

Myth #3 - Fun means laughter
Sometimes people just need to take themselves less seriously- and if you have to be intellectual most of the time, occasionally going off into sillyness is a good way to releasing endorphins, the healing elements of the body. Anyway, an intriguing project and collaboration with wonderful teammates can be truly fun- work that is meaningful and makes a difference can be fun. 

Myth #4 - Fun time at work will compromise results.
This is one of managers' largest concern. But research verifies that fun-loving environments are actually more productive than their humorless counterparts. A fun break can energize employees and ready them for the next concentrated effort. The only secret to allowing fun at work is to be crystal-clear with the employees about their performance goals. I.e, some of the most productive, succesful organizations in the world are renowned for fun. Southwest airlines Chairman of the Board Herb Kelleher set the famous Southwest tone. He has loaded baggage on Thanksgiving Day, even ridden his Harley Davidson into company headquarters. Southwest attendants get their kicks by singing the departure instructions to their passengers. All this fun, and they still win major airline awards, and please their shareholders. 

Demostrated: Fun enhances creativity, and it does diminish productivity when work goals are clear. Let fun happen. That fun will energize, motivate, and keep talented people on your team.
"Humorize, and you humanize the workplace"   Fran Solomon, Senior Vicepresident. 

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